Planning to buy a House

Keep the following 4 things in mind.


You have to start the buying process with a detailed research on the suburbs and house prices in those areas. Some of the growing suburbs are outer south east such as Clyde, Clyde north, Cranbourne East, outer west such as Wyndham, Tarneit, Rockbank area and outer north around Craigieburn, Wollert.

Location is a very important factor. You may choose one location over other due to many factors. You have lived in that area for a long time and hence didn’t want to move to another suburbs or your child may go to a school or you have all your friends in that area.

Good infrastructure is also very important. Easy access to shopping, transport, healthcare and schools. It’s hard to generalize but houses near good infrastructure attract more buyers thus higher in price. Best way to figure out the situation is by physically have a look around in the suburb that you plan to buy and choose a location that is convenient to you.


It is very important that you decide your budget first. It will depend on how much you have saved towards your house and what amount the bank is willing to lend for the house. It is very important you are honest with yourself about how much you can afford every month towards repayment. We sometimes become over excited and overestimate our capacity and get ourselves in trouble as time goes by.

Personal Needs

Before you start the process of buying House in Australia, create a list of your “good to haves”, “must haves” and “no’s”. Make sure you involve your spouse and children in the process of creating that list. The last thing you want is to have an unhappy husband / wife or unhappy kids.

How big a house do you want? It will depend again on your needs. Remember, big houses look very good and is always a desire but big houses need a lot of work and attention for keeping it clean and general maintenance.

Age of the house – Do you like a brand new house or are you okay with living in an older house. If you like a new house, you have four options

  1. Buy the land of your choice and select a plan that suits your needs.
  2. There lots of house and land packages available
  3. Builder built townhouses that are easy to manage and easy on your pocket.
  4. Buying a pre-owned house but a new one like a year or two old

In the same suburb old houses can be more affordable than new ones for the simple reason that it has been lived before and have depreciated over time. If you prefer a new house, be very careful as you may go overboard with your house features and your budget may go out of hand very easily.

How far is it from work?

Do you like to waste 2 hours of your daily time traveling in public transport or drive in peak hour traffic to get to your work. Well I wouldn’t. Outer suburbs are growing and with government initiatives to generate employment in the outer suburbs, demand for house is increasing in outer suburbs. It’s again a personal choice. I know many of my friends work in the city and travel an hour from outer south east Melbourne to get to work. Well their argument is they catch up on their sleep.

To summaries the four important things to keep in mind are – do your research, Budget, personal / family needs and location.

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