Selling your home – Four important things to remember

Is your house clean and tidy –In our house we tend to accumulate things in our garage and in our house itself, which we never use. They would be sitting there for ages, it may not matter to you as a home owner, but when a buyer comes to inspect the house, he / she really wouldn’t like to see that in the garage or house. Sometimes they are there for so long that it starts to smell.You have make sure all unwanted things and garbage is take away from your garden and garage.

While selling a house, make sure the furniture in the house is properly arranged and does not look cluttered. Any unnecessary furniture should be removed and sometimes it’s better to have less furniture as rooms look spacious and airy.

In addition to the house being clean and tidy, it is also very important that it smells well. Any stale smell of cooked food or dirty clothes may have negative effect on buyers’ decision on the house. Make sure all doors and windows are open an hour before buyer turns up and add some fragrance (lavender or any flowers).

Do you know how many people will be viewing your house?

It is very important that you have understanding of the background of people who will be viewing your house. Different people have needs for eg. A family with young kids will be happy with an open room or a big backyard, on the other hand a young couple will be requiring a smaller set up with easy to maintain. If you have understanding of your buyers, it will be easier for you to present the house and maybe highlight the specific features that would attract that customer.

It is also important that you give every visitor a small brochure or a small write up about the house and the important features of the house. It will help them retain or refer back to when they compare your house with any other.

What does the weather look like on that day?

Selling house in Australia can be challenging specially on a day that is cold and rainy as opposed to bright, sunny and warm. More people turn up on open days that is sunny and warm, than on days that are raining or cloudy and cold.

I know it’s sometimes very difficult to predict weather and it may change as we get closer to the day. Also the fact that most of the open days are organized on the weekends, you don’t have much choice on selection of days. Nowadays, we see open days organized on weekdays in later afternoons / after work hours during summer months.

Is your garden and backyard trimmed and clean?

Make sure any over grown plants / bushes are trimmed down and grass cut nicely. Sometimes a front garden can be a decision maker for some. As they say, first impression is the best impression. Looking at the garden, buyer would already start to form an opinion of the house even before he / she has entered the house.

The top four tips are as a guide only.

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