The journey of a home buyer starts with a search for a dream property using one of the many online search sites or with local real estate agents and sometimes friends and family. The process would involve large number of phone calls, emails and / or visits. Once you identify the property that you think is the ideal one for you, you make an offer on the property. 

Buying house in Australia can be a daunting task specially for first home buyers and can be even more stressful for migrants.

Offer submission process is totally manual and not at all transparent. You may submit a written offer to your agent, who will get in touch with the seller and come back to you with the result. It may take a few days in the whole process and may take multiple phone calls and long wait periods.

Once a property is sold, you need to appoint a conveyancer and in certain cases property inspectors / pest inspectors. A buyer will have to manually search for professionals either online or will be recommended by the real estate agents.

How are we changing the status quo and help buyers make buying easier and transparent

Vertical Bricks is a platform that lets you enlist your requirements (Comprises questions that are quantitative and lifestyle based).

Connecting with sellers

Once you list, you are connected with sellers in the post code of your choice. And you will able to view the selling property listing. You may shortlist the properties that you want to proceed with and send connect requests to sellers. Once connect request is accepted by the seller you may communicate with the seller within the platform. Once you are happy with the property you may also provide an offer online. All registered users who have shown interest in the property will be able to make offers and counter offers. However, in order to make the offer process genuine and real, you will have to request the seller to allow you to make offers. Seller may ask you questions about how interested you are or your finance position before letting you make an offer. Seller may select the best offer. This offer process is not only transparent but also very simple and easy.

Connecting with professionals

You have the option to select the services that you may require to complete the buying process. Based on the selection you will be connected with conveyancers, property inspectors, pest inspectors. The matching will be done based on post code. You may view their profiles of professionals and send a request to connect. Once request is accepted by the professional you may communicate with them within the platform. Based on your choice you may appoint a professional from within the platform.

The professionals will be able to get all information and you have audit trails of all the discussion that happen between you and the professions thus eliminating any confusion or arguments at any stage.

Benefits of Vertical Bricks

  • Eliminate all manual process (except property inspection)
  • Connect and communicate within the different stakeholder
  • Improve transparency
  • Increase efficiency within the industry