As a professional, providing services to people who are buying house in Australia or selling a house in Australia can be a challenge sometimes with the changing market scenario and with no organised marketplace for professional services. You may be a conveyancer, property inspector or a pest inspector finding a customer can be a challenge.

Currently marketing for your services is mainly done manually connecting with real estate agents, word of mouth or google search. Don’t you wish there was a marketplace where you could get directly connected with buyers and sellers online.

How will Vertical Bricks help you:

Vertical Bricks is an online marketplace wherein you can register your details. Based on post code selection you will directly connected with buyers and sellers online who select to have a service using our platform.

You can directly chat with potential customer and market your services and capabilities.

You may also provide services online without having to actually meet the customer physically.

By being a part of the platform, you can now have the potential to connect with potential customer with minimum effort in an efficient manner. For all the services that you receive from this platform you will have to give a small percentage of your service fee. We are still working out the fee structure. In the meantime feel free to use the services. We are happy for you to be connected with your customers.

Benefits of Vertical Bricks

  • Easy access to a market place
  • Get connected automatically based on post code selection
  • You only pay for the connection, only if you make an income from this platform. There is not fixed expense for you.