You may decide to involve a real estate agent to help you sell your house or you may try selling it yourself. There is always that uncertainty in the market and the marketing efforts. Will all the efforts get you the result that you are expecting?

Selling house in Australia can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. A few common questions that would come to your mind are -

  • Is this the right time to sell?
  • What is the property worth?
  • What should be the marketing budget?
  • Will I get any offers for the property?

Nobody will have definite answer to all the questions! However, at Vertical Bricks, we are trying to change the way you sell your house for better. We will help you get some of the answers if not all.

How will Vertical Bricks going to help you sell your house?

Once you create listing for your selling property, you will be connected with potential buyers based on post codes. You may receive requests to connect and chat from potential buyers. Once accepted you can chat. Based on your discussion and demand, you may choose to open your property for inspection for potential buyers on a particular day or you may show them privately depending on your availability and choice.

Based on demand you may allow potential buyers to bid for the property and you may make potential counter offers. With this process you practically eliminate all speculations about the property value. The fee that you have pay is only the listing fee. (We are working out the listing fee. Meanwhile feel free to use the platform for free)

As they say, the value of any property is what somebody is willing to pay for it. You will have real offers online. You may take the help of professional agents or any other professionals in this process.

Agents will also be able to use our platform as multiple listing are allowed under each account.

Connecting with professionals

You have the option to select the services that you may require to complete the buying process. Based on the selection you will be connected with conveyancers, property inspectors, pest inspectors. (if required). The matching will be done based on post code. You may view their profiles of professionals and send a request to connect. Once request is accepted by the professional you may communicate with them within the platform. Based on your choice you may appoint a professional from within the platform.

The professionals will be able to get all information and you have audit trails of all the discussion that happen between you and the professions thus eliminating any confusion or arguments at any stage.

Benefits of Vertical Bricks

  • Eliminate all manual process (except property inspection)
  • Connect and communicate within the different stakeholder
  • Get actual offers from potential buyers
  • Save money
  • Improve transparency
  • Increase efficiency within the industry